Currently I am at Sana Labs, on a quest to revolutionize education by applying recent breakthroughs in deep learning to individualize each student's learning experience.

Previously, I was part of BCG Gamma, a team of data scientists and management consultants designing and building powerful data science solutions tailored to help clients tackle their most pressing business problems.

At TEDxStockholm I am the licensee. I joined the organization from the start, in 2011, and took over the responsibility in 2013. In 2017, TEDxStockholm counted more than 30 active organizers, had an active community of more than 7000 members and arranged events hosting more than 900 people. The ideas we recorded reached millions of people.

At KTH, I have worked with game theoretical and stochastic tools and have acquired extensive experience in developing algorithms that are efficient in terms of computational and spacial complexity. My work was published in several top-level international conferences and journals. I received two academic awards and was the recipient of multiple scholarships during my academic career.